Themed Parties and GNO

The Aberdeen Bead Co. is the perfect place to throw a party!

Got a theme?. . .  Let us help!   $75.00 Non Refundable booking fee.

Whether for a celebration or just a creative get-together, this is a great way to spend an evening with your friends. There is a four person minimum, so gather at least three others to schedule a bead party. No prior beading experience is necessary. You will receive expert design advice and technical instruction (unless you want to just “do your own thing”). You should coordinate your wishes with us prior to the party so that we can help you make the best arrangements for group kits or individual projects.

Two week notice on all Theme Parties and Private Girl’s Night Out Parties

Enjoy our monthly Girl’s Night Out!

Bring your best girlfriends

Grab your favorite beverages

&     CREATE!!!

Featuring  great bead specials


Bachelorette Parties

Searching for a fresh Bachelorette Party idea in Moore County? A beading party is a great alternative or addition to traditional bachelorette parties. Get the bridesmaid together and make your bridal jewelry or a special keepsake. *Feel free to bring refreshments with you.* Call or e-mail us to discuss the possibilities.